Garden Grove Duct Cleaning Tip: Why Get Your Ducts Cleaned Regularly If You Have Pets

Most people don’t think about the ducts in their home in Garden Grove, CA. However, when you think about it, your ductwork is like the veins of your heating and air conditioning system. They deliver hot and cold air throughout your home. This is a critical job to your home’s comfort. At ARS® Orange County, we provide complete duct cleaning, duct sealing and duct repair in Garden Grove, CA. We thought it would be good for us to provide some information about how important it is to get your ducts regularly cleaned—especially if you own a pet.

Duct Cleaning in Garden Grove, CA

Over time, your home starts to accumulate dust. This is a natural part of owning a home. Your air conditioning system cools your home by circulating cold air through your home and through your ducts. As it moves through your home and through the ducts, it picks up particles like dust, pollen, pet dander and other contaminants. It circulates them through your home as it circulates the air.

If you have pets, the dust, dirt and contaminants in your home are most likely higher than in homes without pets. Their dander will also enter the air and eventually reach your ducts.

Benefits of Regular Duct Cleaning in Garden Grove, CA

During duct cleaning, the Garden Grove air conditioning technicians from ARS Orange County will thoroughly clean out your ducts using high-powered vacuums that have very powerful filters on them. This allows us to remove all kinds of particles, including common allergens like pet dander, insect droppings and pollen.

One of the huge benefits of duct cleaning is that it can help clean the air in your home. As air passes through your ducts, it picks up any of the particles that are there. If you have pets, their dander is likely there and will continue to circulate through your home unless it is cleaned out.

If you need any kind of duct cleaning in Garden Grove, make sure you contact ARS Orange County. We provide complete duct cleaning and duct sealing throughout the entire Orange County area. Call us today!

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