Orange County ARS: Duct Sealing and Repair Tips

Have you noticed a rise in your energy bills? Or perhaps you have always noticed your energy bills are higher than average for the size of your home. It could be that your ducts need to be sealed or repaired.

Your ducts carry air from your heating and cooling system to each room in your home. Ducts can be made of different materials, such as fiberglass or sheet metal.

When your duct system has leaks, it wastes the heated or cooled air that you want to push into each room. Depending on the location of the ducts, the air can travel into unconditioned spaces within your home, such as an attic or crawl space. This can add hundreds of dollars per year to your energy bills.

Sealing your ducts can prevent these leaks and loss of air flow to the appropriate rooms. Unsealed joints can also allow unconditioned air to be drawn in through supply ducts. Contact ARS Orange County for duct sealing services and you may just see those energy bills go down!

Signs your ducts need repair:

  • Do you see sections of your ducts that should be joined but have separated, or see obvious holes? You may have an air leak.
  • Have you or a previous homeowner used duct tape to make minor repairs? This is not an efficient way to maintain your duct system.

Contact a qualified professional at ARS Orange County to perform changes and repairs to your duct system, and help bring your energy bills down!

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